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About Zaidan Court Reporting LLC



Zaidan Court Reporting LLC is an independent, reporter-owned and  -operated Metro Detroit court reporting service.  The firm, R.A. Zaidan & Associates, was founded by Rose Ann Zaidan in 1975 and was successful with her reputation of integrity, commitment to accuracy, and personal service.  

Upon her retirement in November 2010, long-time associates, Nancy Reinke and Roberta Flick, purchased the firm, and the same reliability and high-quality, professional court reporting services continue today under Zaidan Court Reporting LLC.

In January 2011, Zaidan Court Reporting LLC acquired another well-known Detroit area firm, Simmons Court Reporting.

Our reporters are nationally certified.  We provide computer transcriptionemailed and condensed transcripts as well as keyword indexing.   We are experienced in medical and technical litigation.

We are members of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) and are proud participants in their Ethics First program, which was created as a positive and proactive effort to promote the impartiality and neutrality of the reporting profession.

We are also participating members of the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters (MAPCR) and the American Business Women's Assocation (ABWA).